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At Dental Assistants School of Indiana we find education to be one of the most valued aspects of our lives. Not only will it enrich your daily life, but will also help you succeed in the professional world. Many whom desire to be trained in a profession often meet challenges preventing them from attending school. It is difficult for most people to attend school on a full time basis because they must work to earn a living and school is often times unaffordable. We feel our program will meet these challenges by offering weekly classes, accommodating work schedules and providing a very affordable tuition.

Dental Assistants School of Indiana was established in 2011 by a local Indianapolis Dentist whom recognized the need for well-trained, efficient chairside dental assistants and found difficulty attracting good assistants throughout his many years of practice. Dental Assistants School of Indiana was designed to prepare interested persons in becoming part of the dental profession and assuming a position as a well-respected professional.

Our program is focused around the busy schedule of our students and is held one day a week accommodating current work schedules while training for a new profession in dentistry. Tuition is very affordable and financing options are available, students are accepted during a short interview process.

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